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This is still just a place-holder for some links. Later more detailed information

VIA, well known from chipsets and processors, is also producing mainboards. Their new EPIA mainboards are equiped with the C3 and Eden processors. These boards measure just 17 * 17 centimeters and some of the boards don'n even require a fan.
Mini Box the first link I found on these board MyElectronics in the Netherlands has a nice collection of boards and accessories.

Specifications of the boards can be found on the VIA website. contains a forum about Linux on these boards. is a UK based company that will also ship to several destinations within Europe.

Cool stuff from Crystalfontz. They have great LCD modules for text or graphics and even with touch screen or keypad with cursor keys. Would be nice to have Lilo display it's messages on the LCD for multiboot solutions without monitor.