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7 July 2003: The art of eating

I started cycling a few weeks ago: multiple times a week I cycle between 30 and 40 kilometers and on saturday or sunday this is easily 80 to 100 km per day (at the time with a moderate speed of 27 km/h as average speed).
I lost about 7 kilograms in these 5 weeks. Nice, my 85 kg was a bit too much ... But it is getting time to check on my eating habits, the changing energy consumption of the body demands other eating habits as well.
Even during cycling. I always carry water with me (1.5 liters in a CamelBak) and some snacks like a banana,apple or sirup wafers but that's all I changed in my eating habits.
Last weekend I got a bag of
MAXIM Electrolyte and started to think about food a bit more. MAXIM Electrolyte is a pulverized drink that can be used in water, according to the instructions on the bag 1 spoon per 1/4 liter water but that is a bit too sweet; 2 spoons on a bottle of 3/4 liters is enough. At the end of the day the camelbak is empty but I do not have a "water belly". A bag full of water is really enough, the body does not use all the water, but this stuff is different. A high volume on natrium, Kalium and chloride (electrolytes) make sure the fluid is quickly consumed by the body so that the amount of fluid lost by sweating is wuickly replaced. There is a nice article on the MAXIM web about nutrition, an interesting article on eating and drinking before, during and after training or contest.

4 July 2004: Spotted on the web

Yesterday I found a nice link. On www.fietsen.123.nl many bike tours are collected. Mostly in Dutch but a number of tours have been translated into English.
In the Dutch section tours can be selected based on city or provence. And not only tours in the Netherlands and Belgium but even in France, Germany and Vietnam.
If you are really adventurous grab your GPS from the shelf and try one of the GPS tours.

No GPS for me, I ordered a good cyclometer. Besides speed it also measures cadence and altitude (inclination). With the connection to the PC I can keep a record of my progress.
28 June 2003: Hurri gets new owner

It's final: A Challenge Hurricane got a new owner.
I already selected a new bicycle with accessories but without front suspension. A test drive with a hurricane equiped with front suspension made me decide to go for comfort, the Challenge front suspension is worth its price.
But the price is almost the same as the second hand bike I just tested and that one is even better equipped: Shimano 105 crank, XT disc brakes but the Rohloff Speedhub internal gear hub made the real difference. Maintenance free, 14 real gear ratios and you can change gears under full power. That nice hill I did yesterday is just fun with this, uphill goes easy and at the top I discover I'm still in third gear. This makes longer or steeper climbs a real option. Downhill is just as fun, up to 50 kmh I still pedal on to speed up.
I would like to try this new toy in real mountain terrain. So that's at least a weekend fun in the hills in Limburg and maybe next year Luik - Bastenaken - Luik.